Remedies Module

Remedies Module

Our brand new, fully comprehensive Remedies Module provides access to English summaries of the remedies’ analysis from the decisions of 63 Competition Authorities across the world.

Spanning from 2000 to the present, the Remedies Module captures over 2.500 conditionally cleared merger control decisions, uniquely triangulating relevant markets with competitive concerns and the remedies accepted by CAs to address them.

Navigate the labyrinth of conditionally cleared transactions and find key precedents based on NACE sector, market definition, type of anticompetitive effect and type of remedy

Engineer commitment packages that are suitable and sufficient​ to alleviate potential concerns by the Competition Authorities.

Identify obstacles, such as likely competitive concerns and high market shares, early in the deal-making phase and safely plan ahead

In the last stages of a challenging notification, ensure that you avoid a prohibition decision and minimise the loss of assets