About me

Hi there, I am

Marc de Vries

Marc is the founder and managing director of Caselex. Having a background in both law and economics, he has always been fascinated by their interaction. Practicing law himself, he got increasingly frustrated by the Herculian task of finding market definitions – so he decided to establish Caselex, allowing the legal community to have one integrated point of entry to knowledge on markets defined by competition authorities and courts. 

Before embarking on this mission, he was practicing at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, was on secondment to the European Commission for a couple of years and set up a consultancy company focusing on the re-use of public sector information (see publications).


Utrecht School of Economics, Economics BSc

University of Utrecht, Law LL.M

Dutch Bar Exam

Recent publications

Addressing the missing link – exploration of the potential of public use of private sector data (in Dutch), 2019

‘Self-Driving Vehicles & Geo-Information’ – data aspects of self-driving vehicles, 2017

Privacy Spot On!’ – tensions between privacy and the use of geo-information (in Dutch with English summary) , 2015

Un État moderne, un accès pour tous aux données de base – about the need for France to establish a well functioning system of key registers (in French), 2014

The Danish Dash – 9 months of miracles iwhich the Danes established the governance and financing arrangements on its national systems of key registers, 2013

Demystifying the maze – reverse engineering Europe’s PSI re-use rules – towards an integrated conceptual framework for PSI re-use’ – on the interconnection of regulatory frameworks surrounding Public Sector Information re-use and the way forward, 2010


Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish