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Marc de Vries leaving Caselex

In 2015, mainly driven by personal frustration, I embarked on a mission to turn Caselex into an indispensable resource for competition law professionals across the world. Today, around eight years later that journey is coming to a happy end.


From just an idea in my head to a service that is trusted and relied on by so many. And although the road has been bumpy now and then, what a trip it has been! 


I want to take this moment to thank my loyal travel companions. Without their dedication, this would not have happened. Appreciating I will be forgetting some names, I would like to thank Emma Linklater, Matt Williams, Aoife Smyth, Erika Ann Sander, Patricia Rodrigues, Nika Nonveiller, Hadey van Aalst, Pela Makhauri, Janneke Feenstra, Santos Miguel Leyva Rubio, Julie Albers, Iasonas Mourellos, Louiza Zygouraki, Alex Sanchez Rois, Martha Sznajder, Roeland Kemp, Giulia Melotti Garibaldi, Ronja Hirsch, Chehak Khajuria, Alex Spanou, Floris Stomp, Sarah-Louise van Hamel and Marion Borrey, you really made the difference.


Clearly, the acquisition by LexisNexis last year was the crown of all the hard work done and allowed me to put Caselex where it belongs: in the safe hands of a global player with the ability to take our service to the next level. A special hug to my LexisNexis colleagues Emma Dickin and Jon English for adopting the love of my life and taking care of it so well. I could not have wished for anything better. 


At the same time, the acquisition also made me realise that my journey would come to an end after ensuring a smooth integration. That day has arrived now. Of course, business will continue as usual as my long-time right (and left) hand Iasonas Mourellos will be taking over my tasks.


Of course, this is goodbye and not farewell, and as the competition law village is only small I hope to bump into you soon again!


Marc De Vries, founder of Caselex