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Market Definitions Module

The Market Definitions Module is a database of English summaries of merger control decisions holding market definitions from 30 national competition authorities and DG Competition. It enables competition and M&A professionals to conduct extensive analysis of market delineations across Europe by making them searchable in a user-friendly way.

What do we cover?

Decisions rendered by either a national competition authority from an EU or EFTA Member State or DG Competition. We cover the following countries:
Decisions that have been published after 1st January 2000.
Legal Basis
Decisions based on Merger Regulation 139/2004 (or its predecessor, Merger Regulation 4064/89) or a national equivalent thereof and, accordingly, address a planned concentration of undertakings following a submitted notification. 
Decisions containing a substantive market definition which includes a clear line of reasoning adopted by the competition authority in question supporting their conclusion. 


Competition Authorities including 27 EU Member States, 3 EFTA States and DG COMP


market definitions in English taken from over 12.000 merger control decisions.


years of coverage of market definition from 2000 to present

Where is the value?

Synoptic Overview
Having an unprecedented synoptic overview, your clients can be reassured that all possible precedents have been considered, diminishing risks associated with the concentration. Where the stakes and interests related to the deal are paramount, one cannot afford to miss out on information that could be potentially vital.
Broader Resources
Caselex opens up knowledge that would otherwise remain practically inaccessible, thus exponentially increasing the range of supporting precedents in notification and investigation proceedings and enhancing the chances of getting the deal over the line.
Providing a one-stop shop that includes all full text decisions and summaries in English, saves the valuable time and effort required for visiting each individual competition authority website, navigating each search interface and searching through multitudes of irrelevant decisions.
Keep up-to-date with new decisions published across Europe and ensure information synchrony with other market players.

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